#CAP – College Admissions Process

Alpha Kappa Alpha will assist students as they seek admission to college by providing guidance and support in completing the application and enrollment process through the 2018-2022 Signature Program,#CAPSM.


Too many African-American high school students lack the basic support needed to navigate through the college admissions process.  Through #CAPSM, chapters will partner with local high schools and youth groups to bridge the gap between high school and college by demystifying the college application and enrollment process.  The educational initiative will extend to all colleges and universities, both HBCUs and non-HBCUs.

#CAPSM is a step-by-step approach to facilitate college admission from researching various institutions and submitting applications through completion of the enrollment process.  Chapters will assist students with: 

  • completing college applications

  • preparing for the ACT and SAT

  • writing compelling personal statements

  • identifying scholarships and other financial aid

  • compiling a portfolio to track college admission results 


Through #CAPSM, Alpha Kappa Alpha will improve the trajectory of the lives of talented young people by increasing their potential for success and laying the foundation for positive, productive, and fulfilling lives. 

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Interested applicants please download the application with the link above and submit via to